Certificate of Capacity: The key to assisting your safe return to your work

Certificate of Capacity: The key to assisting your safe return to your work

Market Street Medical specialise in helping people get back to work after work-related injury. As one of Brisbane City’s leading medical practices, our team can assess and produce a WorkCover certificate of capacity that outlines a person’s ability to return to duties within the framework of their recovery.

This official document produced by a General Practitioner helps in claims and receiving services that you need to return to your normal work life.

This document becomes the key to coordinate works between you, your health insurers, employers and other stakeholders to communicate.

How to get a Certificate of Capacity?

Step 1– After you download the form available online contact our practice to book an appointment with our accredited certifiers. Click here to download the form from WorkCover Queensland.

Step 2– Based on the identified injury, our doctors will provide diagnosis and treatments. They will complete the form and give you a timeline of your recovery and when it would be ideal to go back to work.

Step 3– In some cases, there would be coordination between our doctors and your employer to help you return to your work safely.

Different types of Certificate of Capacity

First Certificate of Capacity – This certificate is generated only by a medical practitioner. Valid for 14 days, unless described in the certificate.

Subsequent Certificate of Capacity– This certificate is again only be generated by a medical practitioner. This 28 days valid certificate can be extended if WorkCover Queensland is satisfied for its extension based on the severity of your condition.

To learn more about work-related injury and returning to work visit our Workcover and Commcare page. If you would like us to help, you can either book an appointment online or contact us at (07) 3229 9209.

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