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At Market Street Medical Practice, we operate by appointment only. Our standard appointments are booked in as 20 minute time slots.

If you have a more complex condition or several concerns that you feel will require more attention, please advise our friendly and helpful reception staff when booking and they will make the appropriate time for you.

All our new patients receive a preliminary booking of 30 – 40 minutes to ensure a thorough assessment can be undertaken by one of our doctors, so they can be well-informed of your health needs. Following this, an accurate family medical history is also taken on file. We offer extended time in order to thoroughly cover the medical history of all our new clients.

Medical requests and/ or bookings cannot be provided by email. Please call or fax, or book an appointment online below.

To Download the Covid-Patient Monitoring Chart, click here.

Please advise if you need a medical check-up, a care plan, or a procedure when booking, and complete your sections of any pre-employment paperwork before the appointment. Most medicals require a standard urine test and some pre-employment medicals require urine drug testing, so please check this with your employer beforehand.

Please notify reception staff if you are unable to keep your appointment or if you are running late, as this enables us to free up your time for other patients and ensure the day still runs as smoothly as possible. In the event of non attendance of a confirmed appointment or a cancellation if you fail to provide prior notification (minimum of 2 hours) a fee may apply.

Please always notify reception on arrival. You may be asked to confirm your details to ensure our database is up to date, we appreciate your assistance and cooperation in this process.

Ph: (07) 3229 9209

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