Brisbane City Paediatricians

Many of our doctors at our Brisbane city medical centre are practicing paediatricians. Our medical centre provides a single stop comprehensive paediatric care services to help your little ones, children, teenagers, and new parents. Our clinic includes experienced peadiatricians who have a wide spectrum of knowledge in general and sub-specialise paediatric care services, helping to provide expert diagnosis and treatment for anyone in need. They also specialise in providing paediatric care services to teenagers and new parents across many acute and chronic diseases. All our GPs have special training in treating children’s health and experience in helping new parents in raising their children.

Consulting our GPs first to manage your little one’s health issues can be a good start, as our GPs can help discuss your cases with our in-service paediatricians. Our team can help with your child’s health issues including physical, mental, and behavioural illness. They carry thorough know-how of many different conditions that can affect your children’s welfare, learning, and overall development.

What can our Brisbane paediatricians help with?

  • Perform a physical assessment of your child.
  • Diagnose and provide care treatment to your child’s illness, infections, acute and chronic health issues, injuries.
  • Consulting with mental issues including guidance to new parents for raising their children.
  • They can provide insights to your questions related to growth, physical, and mental development of the little ones.
  • They have expertise in providing information on children’s nutrition, safety, and fitness.
  • They can also provide referrals to children’s specialist like paediatric gastroenterologistpaediatric cardiologist if needed.

Although both paediatricians and general doctors are qualified to provide care services to children, paediatricians have more experience in the field and spend a considerable amount of time focusing on children’s health in their careers. At our Brisbane city practice, paediatricians and general practitioners work in unison to provide the best care services to your little ones.

Ph: (07) 3229 9209

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