Why neglecting your mental wellbeing is not a good idea

Why neglecting your mental wellbeing is not a good idea

The COVID-19 crisis and resulting quarantine has put many people at a higher risk of suffering from emotional problems, like anxiety and depression. People who already have mental health issues can be particularly vulnerable to the challenges that social isolation presents, and the crisis may exacerbate these mental issues even further. For many people the lock down has made it easy to slide into  bad habits like watching TV for a prolonged amount of time, binge-eating, excessive consumption of alcohol, spending a lot of time on social media, to name just a few. The bad news is that these types of behaviours – coupled with the uncertainty of the crisis and a lack of physical activity – can trigger both physical as well as mental illness. 

The other issues related to this pandemic like loss of livelihood, job insecurity, etc can add to emotional issues. Lack of social connections can be more frightening, and there is concern that the aftermath of the crisis will put huge pressure on the medical industry even when there is a gradual reduction in social distancing norms

It is thereby very important to seek help from doctors and discuss your mental issues with your doctor. Your GP can not only help with your mental health issues but also can perform a physical assessment and help write referrals for specialised services if required.

It is understandable that people are worried about venturing out to visit their local GP, but many centers like us now have telehealth facilities to provide you assistance through video or phone consulting. To consult with our GPs about your mental well-being, visit our appointment page for further details.  

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